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All Purpose Potting Soil & One Step

All Purpose Potting Soil and One Step are the two most popular Midwest Landscapers Pro™ landscape products. Available in both bagged or bulk, these products deliver results for landscaper contractors and provide solutions to various site situations.

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All Purpose Potting Soil

New and Improved, now with Controlled Release Fertilizer! Ideal for all size containers and hanging baskets may also be used as a soil amendment. Offers a superb balance of drainage and water retention.

Eliminate Hassles and Training

  • Designed for Landscape Contractors
  • 19-5-8 Fertilizer Lasts Through the Season
  • Ideal for all Container Sizes and Hanging Baskets
  • Superb Balance of Drainage and Water Retention

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One Step

Multi-purpose media can be used as a soil amendment or conditioner to prepare landscape beds for annuals, perennials, groundcovers or shrubs. Also excellent as a mulch after planting.

Used to prepare landscape beds for annuals, perennials, ground covers, and shrubs. Till in a 2-3” layer to a 12” depth and plant. May also be used as a mulch after planting by installing a 2-3” layer over the amended soil surface. This layer can be replenished as needed or cultivated into the soil when replanting.

  • Amendment and Mulch in One
  • Fuller, Healthier Plants
  • Suppresses Weed Growth
  • Requires Less Watering
  • Includes Mycorrhizae & Gypsum
  • Skip the Rototilling (see the video for details)

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