Rooftop Media

Custom Blending for Green Roofs

Custom blending of the finest components available. We will blend to your specifications, package, and ship to your job site. Your media will be consistent and subject to our strict quality control standards and testing procedures.

Midwest Roof Media – Intensive, Semi-Intensive, Extensive & Roof Turf Formulated under the German FLL standards, Midwest Trading is uniquely able to provide a variety of green roof and roof garden growing media for a variety of applications. A popular global trend in urban settings, green roofs and roof gardens reduce runoff, lower ambient air temperatures, reduce air and ozone pollutions, provide a natural habitat for insects, birds and small animals, improve site aesthetics, and potentially increase real estate values. Used with Green Roof systems or planters, Midwest Trading’s Extensive, Semi-Intensive, Intensive, and Turf media mixes are ideal for any roofscape. Granular base drainage layers should be used whenever possible. Lightweight mineral aggregates are available. Call for pricing and further information.

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