VersaQuonset & Greenhouse

VersaQuonset Greenhouses

Our VersaQuonsets are made of strong, galvanized 13/8” o.d., 16 gauge for our VersaQuonset model, or 15/8” o.d., 15 gauge tubing for our Pro-Line Heavy Duty houses. Only the highest quality materials and workmanship are used to ensure long life and durability of our products. All VersaQuonsets are manufactured to be installed in 4’ increments, for structural stability. We have complete detailed instructions and diagrams for quick and easy construction. We also provide door frame diagrams to help you design the ends to suit your needs. Our office staff is available during regular business hours to answer any questions, or offer advice on the construction of houses and application of poly or shade cloth. These houses are not only simple and easy to construct, they are ideal for a variety of uses, such as:

• Overwintering plant material and ponds
• Heated crop greenhouse (with double poly and blower)
• Frost protection or shade house in season
• Storage space for vehicles, tractors, equipment, etc.
• Product display or walk in sales area
• Bulk product bin covers
• Ideal for hanging basket runs