Midwest Trading is one of the first companies in the United States to use the innovative technology, LoadScan® Load Volume Scanner. 

LoadScan® is a laser measurement system that is used as an additional tool to help determine accurate measurement of bulk products. Midwest Trading uses it at the Ottawa Bark Processing Facility on select Hardwood Bark Mulch bulk products:

  • Premium Hardwood Bark Mulch
  • Blended Hardwood Bark Mulch
  • Premium Hardwood Bark Fines
  • Premium Plus Hardwood Mulch


The method of operation of the LoadScan® Load Volume Scanner is simple:

  1. LoadScan® measures an empty truck using advanced laser technology
  2. The truck gets loaded with bulk media
  3. A final scan is done measuring the volume of the contents of the truck

LoadScan® Load Volume Scanner technology can only be used on semi-loads with open tops and cannot be used on smaller trucks or dump trucks with compressed loads. 

Please click here to watch our Ottawa Bark Processing Facility video to see the process of how we obtain our mulch, how it leaves our facility and a feature on LoadScan® in action.