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Current Hours: Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 4:00pm


Midwest Trading proudly supports our green industry and community
through actions and our commitment to giving back. Our giving back initiatives
support our Values, especially in the areas of Relationships, Teamwork,
Sustainability, and Improvement.

We are committed to improve all we touch within our industry and our community.
We all pitch in, and no job is beneath any team member. We positively impact the
well-being of our industry, our people, and our community.


Midwest Trading has long supported the work of industry 
associations by maintaining active memberships and volunteering 
in leadership capacities. By giving time, talent, and resources back 
to the industry that has supported the company, Midwest, in turn, 
realizes the benefits of the invaluable connections and resources
provided by associations.

the Midwest Family of Companies’ donations and employee
contributions in the past decade to Illinois non-profits

30+ Valued Partners
We are proud members and supporters of 
30+ industry and community organizations

in plants and plant material to garden shows, industry events 
and non-profit organizations over the past decade

20% of Employees
20% of full time staff serve as directors or 
committe members of industry organizations