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Current Hours: Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 4:00pm
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Current Hours: Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 4:00pm

Virgil Main Office - Mix Plant Facility

We continually focus on improving our mix plant facility to provide quality, consistent and predictable growing mixes and engineered soils. Understanding the needs of our customers and making adjustments to our processes to create value is a driving factor in the improvements in which we invest. Below are a few facts and features of our mix plant.

• Precision automated mix line that guarantees consistent production
• Ability to mix and fill 60-75 cu yd (semi-truck) in 15 minutes (300 cu yds per hour)
• Primary and secondary screening process enables precise control of blended particle size
• 16,000 sq. ft. facility equipped with 7 raw ingredient hoppers, 6 fertilizer hoppers and variable speed liquid      wetting agent pump
• Operates year-round
• Mix plant bagging capacity
          • Fills a 2 cubic yard tote every 45 seconds
          • Produces 1.0 CF bags to 2.8 CF bags at a rate of 10 pallets per hour

St. Charles - Pick Up Facility

St. Charles is Midwest Groundcovers’ headquarters and home of Sales and Marketing, our Primary Pick Up Yard, Shipping, Administration, Information Technology, Inventory Planning and Purchasing as well as the Distribution Center. Midwest Trading utilizes this facility for customer pick up orders of bagged and bulk products as well as tools and supplies.






Ottawa - Bark Processing Facility

The Midwest Trading river terminal facility is located on the Illinois River in Ottawa just east of the downtown area. At this facility, bark and other bulk materials are brought in by the barge load, allowing us to serve our market area with a wide range of products at competitive prices. Bark is processed here and shipped to our sales yards in Virgil and St. Charles and shipped to our customers in full semi load quantities. We also have an automated bagging line in Ottawa used for packaging mulch, compost, and soil mixes. During our spring and summer season, customers are allowed to pick up products at this facility. These pick up orders have a 5 CY minimum with no pickup trucks allowed (semi-trucks take priority in loading). Please see details below for operating hours and restrictions.

Click Here to watch a video showcasing the process of how we obtain our mulch and how it exits our facility.

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