All Purpose Potting Soil

New and Improved, now with Controlled Release Fertilizer! Ideal for all size containers and hanging baskets, may also be used as a soil amendment. Offers a superb balance of drainage and water retention.

Ingredients: 3/8” Southern Pine Bark Fines, 1/2” Southern Pine Bark Fines,Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, Coconut Coir, Controlled Release Fertilizer lasts all season, Dolomitic & Calcitic Lime, Wetting Agent

Ideal Uses: 4"-6"Annuals & Vegetables, 1-5 Gallon Perennials, Vegetables & Shrubs, >5 Gallon Nursery & Tree, Mums & Containers >12"

Available In: 1.5 CF Bags, Bulk

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