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Premium Hardwood Bark Fines

A fine textured mulch that retains moisture, moderates soil temperature, reduces weed growth and prevents frost heaving. Hardwood Bark Fines Mulch is our highest quality mulch that presents a softer look and adds beauty to the landscape all season long. Lightweight and easy to handle.

Ingredients: Our Premium Hardwood Bark Mulch triple processed to 3/8" minus to create an appealing fine textured mulch

Ideal Uses: Annuals & Vegetables, Perennials, Shrubs, Trees, Dry Site, Fine Texture

Size SKU Approx Volume
Pallet (45  2.0CF bags per pallet)
» 1 pallet minimum
3175 CY
Truckload (Approx. 60 yards per truck) 1174 CY

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