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Adding mulch to the landscape helps retain moisture, moderates soil temperature, reduces weed growth and also helps prevent frost heave. When used around trees and shrubs, it provides a protective barrier from lawn mowers and trimmers. Aesthetically, dark colored mulches also provide a sharp contrast to the green vegetation of the landscape.

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Blended Compost
102300 Blended Hardwood Mulch
Blended Hardwood Mulch
102400 Blended Organic Bark
Blended Organic Bark
103900 Brown Dyed Mulch
Dark Brown Dyed Mulch
104000 Decorative Bark
Decorative Bark Nuggets
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Leaf Mulch
Mushroom Compost
Mushroom Compost
Northern Hardwood Bark
Northern Hardwood Bark Mulch
110000 Playground Mulch
Playground Cover
P Fines Mulch
Premium Hardwood Bark Fines
P hardwood Mulch
Premium Hardwood Bark Mulch
110400 Premium Plus Hardwood Bark
Premium Plus Hardwood Bark Mulch
107700 Sienna Grove
Sienna Grove™
Southern Pine Fines Bag
Southern Pine Bark Fines 1/2
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