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Quality Commitment

Midwest Trading’s Quality Commitment

At Midwest, we understand that our customers expect and require consistent, predictable quality of mixes. To that end, we employ a team of experts to oversee processes to deliver the quality our customers can rely on.

Midwest’s Center for Horticultural Soils Testing and Research is led by a passionate Horticultural Soil Scientist with over a decade of experience. Our Quality Control/Quality Assurance Program spans from sourcing and testing raw materials to final mix approval and shipping. Below are some key components of our program:

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Precision Mix Plant Facility

We continually focus on improving our mix plant facility to prove quality, consistent, and predictable growing mixes and engineered soils. Understanding the needs of our customers and making adjustments to our processes to create value are driving factors in the improvements in which we invest. Below are a few facts and features of our mix plant.

  • Precision automated mix line that guarantees consistent production
  • Ability to mix and full 60-75 cu yd (semi-truck) in 15 minutes (300 cu yds per hour)
  • Primary and secondary screening process enables precise control of blended particle size
  • 16,000 sq. ft. facility equipped with 7 raw ingredient hoppers, 6 fertilizer hoppers and automated moisture control system
  • Year-round operation
  • Mix plant bagging capacity
    • Fills a 2 cu yd bags every 45 seconds
    • Produces 1.0 bags to 2.8 CF bags at a rate of 10 pallets per hour
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Seasonal Display Bed Amendment Trial

Plant Spring 2020

To better understand the performance of our Landscaper’s Pro products vs. other common soil amendments and various amendment methods we are conducting a Seasonal Display Bed Amendment Trial. Planted in the Spring of 2020, we will monitor the overall performance in a functional landscape.

The trial is planted in front our Sales Office in Maple Park, IL.

View Research Progress

If you have any questions about trial, please feel free to contact Joe Hobson at 630-487-7146

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