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LoadScan® Load Volume Scanner

Are You Getting What You Pay For?
With LoadScan technology, trucks are loaded to maximum weight and volume is verified with laser scan.

Volumetric Truck Measure is the standard unit of trade in the bark and mulch industry world-wide. Bark, woodchip, mulch, topsoil, compost, peat, specialty garden mixes and other bulk landscaping products and raw constituent materials are carted by the truck-load and traded in cubic meters or cubic yards. Volumetric Truck Measure is the volume of a pile of loose material loaded onto a truck (loose-measure). Traditional methods of determining loose-measure volume, including weighing trucks, weighing or counting loader-buckets, manual “level-and-measure” or simply counting trucks have proven to be often inaccurate and easily abused. Accusations of under-supply and excuses about “load settlement in transit”, moisture content and so on are an all too common feature of this industry.

With the LoadScan Load Volume Scanner (LVS) the arguments stop. The LVS provides fast, accurate non-contact load measurement with direct output in cubic meters or cubic yards. The LVS system reports the actual loose volume of the load as it sits in the truck at the time of measurement – regardless of how it was loaded or how heavy/wet the material is. This is surely the fairest measure possible. The first Load Volume Scanner (LVS) was installed on a New Zealand mulch manufacturing site in 2000 and is now used in mulch operations around the world. As a monitoring system to check that loader operators are correctly loading trucks to target volumes and suppliers are supplying what they claim they are, the LVS system has proven to be an invaluable tool to every mulch operation that has installed the technology.

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