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Midwest Trading Embraces Growth and Change with New Bagging Plant

Midwest Trading Horticultural Supplies, Inc. is embracing growth and change with the recently completed construction of a state-of-the-art bagging line plant. Headquartered in Maple Park, Illinois, Midwest Trading is a wholesale producer and supplier of growing media, landscape amendments and mulches. As Midwest Trading’s reputation as a leader in the production of quality greenhouse mixes, nursery mixes, and engineered soil has grown, so too has the demand on facilities.

The bagging plant was constructed to keep pace with customer demand and allow Midwest Trading to deliver solutions and results while doing what’s best for the customer. Comprising of 25,000 sq ft, the bagging plant currently houses one fully automated bagging line with room to add two additional lines. At full speed the line produces 7,200 bags during a single 8-hour shift.

“Based on customer input and needs as well as growth of the company, this type of equipment proved to be a necessary solution. Our ability to process customer orders is now even faster. The stability of the pallets has improved, and we have more certainty of exact weight of the product which allows us to maximize loads,” said Joe Hobson, President and CEO of Midwest Trading.

Midwest Trading secured its Form Fill and Seal (FFS) Bagging Line from industry leader Premier Tech based out of Canada. The bagging process begins in the Mix Plant where Midwest Trading’s team of quality control experts work closely with the production team to ensure high-quality, consistent products. The product is then transported to the Bagging Plant where the FFS forms/creates the bag, fills the bag, and then seals the bag.

Once filled, the sealed bags move down the line to the palletizer which precisely stacks the bags. From there, the pallets are conveyed to the stretch hooder which covers the entire stack with a single seal, providing the most waterproof and stable system available on the market. The pallets are then automatically weighed and labeled before shipping out to customers. 

In addition to the FFS, the Bagging Plant houses the newly designed Center for Horticultural Soils Testing and Research lab and offices. The lab embodies Midwest Trading’s commitment to quality with tools and resources that allow the soils team to innovate, and problem solve. Leading the lab is Horticultural Soil Scientist Kevin Donnelly who said “Over the last decade, the substrate world’s understanding of mixes and raw material characteristics has significantly improved. This understanding has proven critical with recent supply chain disruptions and will continue to play a substantial role in the success of our industry for years to come. With our expanded facility, Midwest Trading has room for the specialized equipment and staff to tackle these challenges and become quicker and more creative in providing substrates to the market.”

The Midwest Trading teams looks forward to continuously investing in customer relationships and remaining a company centered on providing solutions. Current and potential customers are welcome to request a tour of the Bagging Plant as well as the Mix Plant facility by contacting their sales representative or calling 630-365-1990.

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