Midwest Trading's Quality Commitment

At Midwest, we understand that our customers expect and require consistent, predictable quality of mixes. To that end, we employ a team of experts to oversee processes to deliver the quality our customers can rely on.

Midwest’s Center for Horticultural Soils Testing and Research is led by a passionate Horticultural Soil Scientist with over a decade of experience. Our Quality Control/Quality Assurance Program spans from sourcing and testing raw materials to final mix approval and shipping. Below are some key components of our program:

  • Source and evaluate high quality raw material inputs in accordance to product specifications 
  • Monitor, test and manage stockpiles of raw material, which can change physically and chemically over time, and adapt in response to those changes
  • Development and implementation of finished product specification and standard operating procedures to ensure consistency in the product you are delivered
  • Oversee of the production process and final evaluation of finished goods before shipment
  • Onsite laboratory analysis of raw material and finished mixes for conformance to product specifications
  • Provide technical support to customers
  • Work with nationally recognized independent labs, technical experts and academic researchers
  • Evaluate new products, blends and processes to better serve customers through Research & Development and our Quality Improvement program
  • Actively participate in the latest industry and research developments to understand the benefits and realities of the developing trends