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Red Cedar Mulch

Midwest Trading’s Red Cedar Mulch is a lightweight, easy to handle, double ground, reddish-blonde, all natural mulch. Unlike other commercially available cedar mulches, our cedar mulch does not have any added color or dye.

Red Cedar Mulch has an aroma which is pleasant to us humans but repels various insects. Red cedar mulch prevents weed growth, provides good moisture retention and is long-lasting. This fine quality mulch is an excellent alternative to cypress mulch.

Ingredients: Produced from Eastern Red Cedar. Lightweight, easy to handle, double processed, reddish-blonde in color

Ideal Uses: Shrubs,Trees, High Moisture Site, Dry Site, Coarse Texture

Size SKU Approx Volume
Truckload (Approx. 80 yards per truck) 1180 CY

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