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CM63 with 1/2" Pine Fines

Peat based mix with pine bark fines where moderate water retention is desired.

Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, 1/2" Southern Pine Bark Fines, Compost, Sand, Blue Chip, Iron Sulfate, Phosphorus, Wetting Agent

Ideal Uses:
2-5 Gallons, >5 Gallon Nursery & Tree
Item # Unit Size Order Size Approx Volume
1190 1.5CF Bag 45 bags per pallet 2.5 CY
1201 BULK CY 60 CY Truckload 60 CY
3381 2.0CF Bag 40 bags per pallet 3 CY
3382 60CF Bag 1 bag per pallet 2.2 CY

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